Confirmation of my life’s ministry

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after my sister received the same diagnosis, I could not imagine how that would fit in with what I understood to be my life journey at the time.  My brother’s death at the age of 35 had served to spur me into action, but now things were slowed on the timeline I had set for myself.  I had graduated from college and ready to go, or so I thought.  Now I chose to be angry again. Angry at the hand I had been dealt, angry that it did not match my goals.  That was the point, they were my goals.  Through this journey I did pray a prayer that demonstrated how limited I believed my God to be.  I asked that He let me live long enough to make a difference in one person’s life, God’s reply: “It is one person at a time”.  I had been limiting God because that is all my spiritual vision could see.  Twenty-three years later, I have seen positive confirmation that it is one life at a time, and God allows me to receive that confirmation through a phone call, a letter, an email or through an unexpected, unplanned conversation.  I still get angry, I just strive to not sin in that anger.  I learned strength from my Southern Baptist parents and heritage, I learned courage from those people God has placed in my life, and I learned that love and faith are not just nouns, they are verbs that require I participate in life with all of my being.  Like the woman with the issue of blood, I have to be willing each day of my life to push through the “busy-ness” of the day and practice my faith.

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