Living “Love”, the verb

In my book, Asking ‘What’: No More ‘Whys’ I deal with the lessons of learning that love, like faith, is a verb.  Yesterday our pastor spoke about the very scripture that I use, that of reducing or redefining the Ten Commandments with two simple instructions, Honor the Lord thy God and love thy neighbor as thyself. Rev. Johnny Miller started with Deuteronomy 6:4-9  that instructs us to (v.5) “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength” (NKJV).  Because it is a priority on my list, as I was making notes as to how this scripture spoke to me, I noted all the verbs found in my pastor’s key sermon verses.  The verbs are: teach, talk, sit, walk, bind and write – how we are to live love. It is in John 13:34-35 where Jesus instructs us to “love one another”.  Just as difficult it is to tame the tongue, love is difficult to practice daily.  As I moved through my afternoon and evening, I challenged myself to do the things I did not want to do, a simple walk on the hill with my husband, who continues to be the wind beneath my wings.  In that simple act I was reminded of the journeys that have brought us to where we are today.  I had to believe he loved me, that he loved me despite illness, moods, losses and living life itself.  I think it is so important for Christians to demonstrate agape love, the verb, daily because of the ones with whom we may touch.  Joe had loved me through my cancer, through my neck fusion and through so many changes that I wonder how he could continue.  As our church recognized our upcoming anniversary, he whispered to me that he was honored to have me on his right arm.  How loving and what kindness!  I do soar on the wings of eagles because he believes in who I am, the real me, with my flaws and faults, just as God loves me “just as I am”.   I have written my book because we, as humans, struggle so much with loving one another, and God told my pastor that I needed to be reminded, again!


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