The Knot Prayer from Facebook

This came across on Facebook today from my cousin and it speaks to why I chose to write a book whose subject looked at labels, the labels that can, if we allow, stop us from reaching our potential.   Divorcee was probably the toughest label I had to deal with, but I did.  I will be a Baptist, a Southern Baptist, but that was my identity more than I was my own identity for years until I started exploring the scripture in a totally different way.  I was more of a “Southern Baptist Covenant” person, and there is a difference.  I am a Christian, that is my directing force.  Then as I moved through the step-parent label I really came to understand why we can freeze in time, stuck in a label.  Then cancer came, I learned then that I had to determine my path – either a victim or a survivor. I was afraid when faced with danger, so I was a victim then until I allowed God to carry me through that experience.  I am a daughter, an obedient daughter, and that proved to be a tougher role as I matured, because many times I had to be okay with my parents, even as they completed their journeys on this earth and I became the care giver and the roles were somewhat switched.  I am a wife, and that can be confusing if living by the “submissive” rule, because I am independent and, at times, stubborn.  But I have learned to compromise and remain “cool, calm and corrected” as Robert H Schuller suggests in his book, The Be (Happy) Attitudes.  These and more lessons learned are in Asking ‘What’, No More ‘Whys’.  I lived by the “can nots” for so very long, victory came through the lessons of life and allowing God to place me on Eagle’s Wings and Soar.

The Knot Prayer

The Knot Prayer

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