Happiness TV live interview and another question of ‘What’ is answered.

This is an exciting day for so many reasons.  First, it is the day God has made, then it is the 19th birthday of my oldest granddaughter, who was born while I was with my sister who is part of my story (chapter 6).  Also it marks how God uses all those people He places in your life, even if you think the connection has reached its ending.  Kathy Brandon was one of the stepchildren in my life, and she is now the mother of twins, which really renews the connection we had so many years ago.  Her vibrancy was present even in her youth and she has proven to be a moving force in her professional life as well.  The lesson, never stop asking ‘What’ because God is ever present and ever working out your future.  The years I once thought were wasted years have been a blessing given in God’s perfect timing.   http://readyforhappiness.com/2014/06/10/ready-for-happiness-live-presents-wilma-marler-author-business-woman-cancer-survivor-and-mom-of-twins/

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