Ministering for God is lifelong and beyond

Sometimes we forget that we are ALWAYS a witness for God. I have been thinking about my dad and remembering the last witnessing he did. It was the day of his funeral and although he was gone, his life’s story touched one of his descendants. My youngest uncle, Rev. Wiley E. Dorman, had spoken on the sounds in Charlie Leroy Dorman’s life. My dad was the sound technician (and a deacon) at First Baptist Church of Jacinto City, so sound was important to him, after all, the Dorman children all sang in the choir – just expected of us. My dad heard so many sounds, ones that go along with Ecclesiastes’ to everything there is a season. He heard the sounds of war, he served in those sounds; the sound of love in his heart, he fell in love with my mom; the sounds of family, he was the father of four children and I have no doubt we were noisy; the sound of music, the sound technician that he was but also my oldest brother played the oboe and the flute, the sounds of joy and celebration, the sounds of worship and the sounds that sin can bring into one’s life. Then the sounds became so heavy. Dad heard the sound of grief as he buried first Gregory (my brother) in 1985 and then he repeated the grief when Darlene (my only sister) died in 1995; then the sounds of renewal through the addition of grandchildren and the laughter that brings. There were many more sounds my uncle mentioned on that day, but the sound my dad did not hear was the sound of his great granddaughter making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ in the cemetery as my dad was laid to rest next to the love of his life, my mom. My Uncle Wiley shared with me this joyous event and that she was specific in that she wanted to be like the man described in the message brought that day. What a sound in heaven as the angels rejoiced! Even at 84, my dad was a witness. I have now seen mature men make commitments to Christ, men who were good men – but who knew good was not enough. My husband, Joe, made a profession of faith at age 60 – he is a good man but he knew he was a man without God. Young people who experience these events just get it – they realize down the road that people need Jesus Christ in their lives, directing their lives and that there is a Savior who needs to be proclaimed. I strive to touch lives in my daily walk never knowing who needs the ministry of what my life reflects. I do know we cannot ever stop reaching out or stop living our ministry through the gifts God has given us. I have been made acutely aware of the one person for whom Asking What: No More Whys had to be written. As Christians, we always think of sharing orally our personal testimony with someone, but people observe, listen and read and God uses our availability to accomplish HIS Will for us all. I discussed grief in Chapter 6 of my life’s story and how I have been tested throughout my life to grow my faith. We are never finished with “growing” our faith as I have been through another test and am acutely aware that my faith is still challenged by fear. Being aware of the fear in my life is a reminder that daily devotional time is a must, maintaining a journal about my emotional response to life is vital to maintaining peace and joy, and lastly that God’s work in our lives is never complete – NEVER!


  1. Wilma, thank you for sharing this. Since July, 2012 I have lost 2 step-sons,my husband, my Dad, my Step-Mother & an Uncle that I was very close to. I know God has a plan but it has been & still is very difficult to not give up…to not keep asking “why” & to keep the faith & hope that I know is real. I know too that it will be revealed upon Jesus’ return & we are all reunited…all of our questions will be answered, our doubts & fears will be gone — then, it will be like a BIG HUGE V-8 MOMENT & we realize how merciful & mighty He is & that it was all for HIM. Oh what tremendous shouts of glory there will be. Hope to see you at the reunion! Carolyn Shairrick Whitlock

    • Carolyn, I do understand what you have so graciously shared. I will be bringing books to the reunion, but Chapter 6 is dedicated to loss and the lessons we can learn by asking the right question, that of “what?”. Death, grief and loss are painful journeys we all must make, but there is a lesson in the journey. I know I will be united with my family and those who have gone before me, but I/we need desperately to reach out to others who get so lost in the process. I admired my parents’ strength as they carried on after losing two of their children, and I learned that God is full of love, grace and strength no matter how tough life becomes. My purpose was defined and clarified in defeating cancer, but I needed the faith and strength to reach out to others and share my humanity. My dad only thought I was mature as a Christian, but a new level of maturity was added when I saw his continued ministry through what my uncle shared. Stay strong, celebrate the victories that come from God and love unconditionally because someone may be reaching out just to touch the hem of your garment.

  2. this has always been one of my favorite Scriptures … and it’s the confirmation verse for our oldest daughter! Praying for both of you Wilma & Carolyn, and for your losses. That is a tremendous amount of loss in a short period of time, Carolyn. I. What would we do without our faith at these times? Jesus understands your heart and your sorrow and the questions are normal. It’s hard for anyone to truly understand that kind of grief without walking the path. Praying that you feel God’s everlasting arms wrapped around you.

  3. Although we all ha en different oaths a day walks in life, it’s the knowing that God is the only answer and way. Some learn this through hardships, trials, fears etc. But, eventually I feel we all realize that at some points in our life’s God was their to get us through it . I’ve had battles a day know without God I wouldn’t have made this far. Some of our battles are painful and we try not to remember them, but those are the battles we should tell others…for by reaching out is how we win others over to Christ and give them the confidence they need to continue onward. I know your battle was hard on you but you made it through and it has made you the Godly woman you are today…As I travel down my own road going over the hills and bumps I remember God is with me. For it is through only his love and grace that I will achieve my goal as well…Wilma I’ve always admired you and still do today. I’m blessed to call you my sister in Christ and my friend…so continue giving others strength through the journey you were giving and God will continue watching over you….love ya…Sissy

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