Lessons learned from a Hermit Crab

Since I have began sharing the journey of growing my faith, I find reminders of lessons and new lessons in everything. Joe and I had the privilege of having a weekend visit with our extended family from Oklahoma, the Thoma family. We decided to spend a day at the beach and set out on a journey with yet another reminder and lesson. We were drawn to the beach by the sight of dolphins/porpoises feeding or frolicking very close to the shore. We began to notice the hermit crab shells as we walked, most of whiich were broken in varying sizes of pieces of shells due to natures way of providing food to the sea gulls and the sandpipers. Brittany noted that the shells were broken but she wanted one that was intact, with its lovely spirals. I explained that most of the shells we would find would be broken because of the balance of nature in providing food to the birds. Stumbling across a live hermit crab, shell intact, provided another life lesson. Brittany said: “I would like a whole one, but not with that “thing” in it”, so a brilliant discussion began. Explaining that to have the beautiful spiral we would have to pick up live hermit crabs, kill them and clean them from their habitat. She was so torn by the decision/choice that would have to be made, a decision of life and death. What an astounding observation, and a life lesson. We choose daily to do right or wrong, sin versus the Will of God, good versus evil, to kill or let live. Every decision we make is just as astounding as Brittany’s ultimate decision once she had all the facts. The live crabs we were observing would for the most part be feeding prey for the birds as part of nature’s design. Decisions can change the paths of our lives and impact the balance of those around us. In recalling what I shared in my book, Asking What: No More Whys, this is evident. Decisions made in anger with no consideration of the impact it would have on the coarse of my life, then on the lives of my daughters are reflected over and over. Life can destroy by picking us apart, the scavengers are there. On the other hand, we can seek God’s will for our lives and regardless of the trials at the time, something good and beautiful is the final product. We are promised that if “… in all things with thanksgiving …” will render the results that will not only benefit ourselves but those in our lives as well as though who are “touched” by the hem of our garments or those who are listening to our words, if spoken in love and wisdom.

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