Gratitude …

Being thankful for what is starting to happen with my book, Asking What: No More Why’s, feels awkward simply because celebrating my life story sounds selfish. Let me make it clear, I am very grateful for the doors that are opening because friends are working behind the scene to share the journey of growing my faith. Since last Thursday when I was able to confirm a book signing at the Galilean Christian Book Store ( located at 1603 Boone Street, Leesville, things have happened. KALB TV ( has agreed to let me share my story and announce the book signing. Jambalaya will be my first stop on September 26th, second hour of the show, with Sherman Desselle. Then I will be with Mark Hamblen and Frances Yeager on October 1st, to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Lastly I will be on Mid-day again with Sherman Desselle on October 3rd. God is blessing the effort and making sure that having the faith to step and share HIS work in my life.  Again Asking What: No More Why’s can be purchased at from their bookstore in Hardback, paperback and eBook formats.  I still remind myself that faith is a verb, and I need to practice it as well as exercise it so that it continues to grow within me.


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