Ephesians 3:20 (Amplified Version) has been the scripture that has reassured me when clouds seemed darkest, when trials came that shook my to the inner most part of my being, and tears seemed to be on every hand.  To have the reassurance that GOD provides “… above, far beyond all that we dare ask, think, hope for or dream of….” and all I had the faith to ask for was one person, just one.  Defeating Cancer was the lesson, the test was to put my faith into action and trust God to provide more through HIS purpose for my life.  Now 23 years later, and an identifiable “person” for each year to confirm my path, my faith, trust and confidence have grown while teaching me to touch those who think they are untouchable.  Having a double-portion from God was just the beginning, entering college as a non-traditional student, and having God provide the wind beneath my wings through a wonderful man, has all taught me how to soar on eagles’ wings and brought me to a place in my life where I can “…run and not grow weary, walk and faint not…” ( Isaiah 40:31).  A journey of discovery, a career of working with the elderly and learning to ask ‘what’ after any life experience has taught me the direction of my life’s course. Like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years, I had to reach out in faith, practice the faith that led me to accept God as my Savior and Lord, and act on what I knew to be the ministry He had equipped me to do, no title because it can hinder or set up barriers, but a gift, “… gifts of healing …” as identified in 1 Cor. 20: 8-12.

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